The Project

The purpose of the project is to contribute to the reduction of risks to human health and the environment deriving from the presence of pollutants in soil, air and water through the implementation of a technological and methodological solution for advanced monitoring with respect to the state of the art.
This solution will allow the collection of relevant information coming from different environments (coastal-marine, urban, extra-urban areas), both following a specific mission of sensor-SAPR systems, with targeted flights on areas of potential pollution, and with sensors permanently positioned on buoys.
This information will allow to identify the possible presence of pollutants, the relative risks for human health and the surrounding environment, as well as to provide guidelines and good practices to mitigate the impacts deriving from the possible presence of pollutants.
The data acquired and processed through the proposed technological innovations will be used for the qualitative study of the marine environment, soil and air. These data will be useful thanks to the implementation of ICT solutions for the aggregation of such data, the visualization of the same data and for the support operators decisions in the early stages of analysis.
By generating new services, also enabled by cloud infrastructures, the SAGAcE system will be able to provide valid support to public authorities and institutions for mitigating risks from buried pollutants, hidden on ground, spilled or present in the water or still released onto the ground.

The proposed system will use different monitoring methods depending on the application area:



Improvement of technology (sensors, network of instruments, models) to map and forecast the characteristics (hydrodynamics and quality of water) of continental, river and groundwater, marine, coastal and open sea water flows, in order to define and evaluate interactions with possible sources of pollution. These data will be used in innovative solutions to mitigate the impacts on human health and the environment and on local economies. Such a monitoring system on coastal marine waters is essential to identify any sources of pollution related to the groundwater, canals, rivers, boats and any other anthropic source.

   Soil and air

Soil and air

Solutions of acquisition and analysis of data acquired through miniaturized and innovative sensors to be applied on small-sized remote-controlled aircraft systems (<25 kg). The solutions will include ICT applications for data visualization and support for mitigation decisions. The sensors will exploit radar, magnetic, electro-optical and chemical detection methods. Installed on the SAPR, they will be used during air missions for the punctual search for pollutants, allowing: 1. to detect from above suspicious objects buried or hidden on the surface of the ground; 2. to detect liquid spills and contaminants on the surface and in the subsoil.

Work Packages

Project Management

Soil monitoring system

Monitoring system for coastal waters and for forecasting dispersion and deposit of pollutants along the coast

Air monitoring system

Air-soil integrated monitoring system

Water integrated monitoring system

Pilot studies

Communication and dissemination