WP2 – Soil monitoring system

Responsible: IDS   
Involved Partners: CNR IBAM

This WP plans to build prototypes (sensors) for the aerial detection of target objects buried or hidden on the ground.

Act.2.1: The activity concerns the design and development of a prototype of a system for measurements of the magnetic field and its gradient applicable in inaccessible areas and on board unmanned systems of micro class (<25kg), equipped with a triaxial sensor system and data acquisition. The elements will be assembled in order to map parameters of magnetic field and its gradient at high-resolution of large surfaces, where access with standard instrumentation is not possible. A remote data storage system will be developed. The activity will result in a patent application.

Act.2.2: Design and development of an under-foliage radar demonstrator (to detect objects hidden in or underground), which can be boarded on unmanned systems of micro class (<25kg) of low weight, bulk and absorbed power in order to identify illegal landfills. The antenna must be compact and broadband. For the integration on micro-class unmanned systems, an antenna of reduced size and weight will be designed and developed.

Act.2.3: Design and development of technological demonstrator of electro-optical add-on based on optical polarimetry, to be applied on COTS video cameras / multispectrals for the identification of artefacts hidden in the vegetation.

Act.2.4: Design and development of sensor integration solutions.