WP7 – Pilot studies

Responsible: IDS, WidePilot

This WP concerns the operational testing of the SAGAcE system through the prototype platforms and demonstrators developed in the previous WPs.

Act.7.1: A performance analysis of the individual system functions of the integrated water monitoring system will be performed. The activity will be carried out in collaboration with the Taranto Port Authority, using the water monitoring station updated in the project, integrated with a system of innovative sensors, and at the Torre Guaceto Reserve where tests will be carried out to verify the correct functioning of the rapid sampling and rapid mapping system.

Act.7.2: For the demonstration of the integrated air and ground monitoring system the following activities will be performed: 1. Testing and validation of the prototypes in the laboratory. 2. The prototypes will be demonstrated, with installation on drones and during experimental flights, in the following operational fields: site with remediated landfill (in the municipality of Maglie); archaeological area of ​​Rudiae in Salento. In the test missions the effectiveness of methods and algorithms developed for the optimization of the approaches to potential pollutants will be demonstrated.

Act.7.3. Authorization procedure for flight tests drone systems + prototypes. ENAC-National Agency for Civil Aviation will support for the development of guidelines and authorization activities on test flights in the demonstration area.

Act.7.4: Validation and analysis of results and production of guidelines for the industrial exploitation plan, specifically addressing technology transfer. The results will be subject to a survey evaluating outputs (efficiency) and outcomes (effectiveness).