WP4 – Air monitoring system

Manager: ISALIT
Partner coinvolti: UNISALENTO (DMF), IDS

This WP concerns the implementation of demonstrators for the aerial detection of IPA, VOC, PM2.5, PM10 hazardous to human health and for calculating air pollution index potentially connected to point sources of pollutants on the ground. It will thus be possible to identify contaminated sites more easily, without preliminary excavation.

A4.1: Design and development of a prototype of traps for the detection and measurement of PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The traps will identify air and soil pollution with monitoring of polluting compounds in the air. The device will be equipped with remote control, reducing the risks for the operator. Traps for PAHs and VOCs will be made up of specially designed adsorbent resins and sampling will be performed with a high-flow micro-pump.

A4.2: Development of statistical models for correlating the presence of pollutants with target substances in traps.

A4.3: Design and development of a miniaturized dispersed air particle sampler for drones and simultaneous collection of particles of different size on a filter.

A4.4: Design and development of sensor integration.